The Color of Sunshine

Willow Thomson
I live among the rolling hills and tall trees of a small hamlet with my husband of many years and children who come and go. While spending a lifetime “finding” myself only to discover that I was there all along, I have pursued several pastimes: typesetting, weaving, glass bead making, energy healing, homeopathy, painting and writing.

I love a good morality tale about the struggle between the dark and the light. I trust that at rock bottom most people are good but I suspect that some people are not. I am sure that life is more mysterious and magical than we know in these days of selfies, venti double shot lattes and working overtime to make ends meet.

I always root for the underdog and hang on tightly to my belief that good will triumph over evil in the end and that some things are worth fighting for—nature, equality, common sense, beauty and truth. And some things make life worth living—family, friends, trees, flowers, the ocean, lakes and rivers, French pastries and fresh baked bread. I find it difficult to believe that sugar is evil and greed is good.
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