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Thank You Ashley Madison

Brenda Wilhelmson
Award-winning journalist-turned-author, Brenda Wilhelmson, won an IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Award) for her first book, "Diary of an Alcoholic Housewife." She's written for CNN, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Chicago Reader, and others. She appeared on NBC's TODAY show and was featured by CBS, the Los Angeles Times, and Irish Independent.

Thank You Ashley Madison · auf Brendas Blog
Who would be happy to find out her husband oftwenty-one years spent the last five of it hooking up with married women he found on cheating websites while raiding their 401K and attending therapy to save their marriage? Brenda would. One night JB tells Brenda he cheated. Once. The following day he texts her that she should probably go to the doctor. JB’s stories get worse and worse and as facts unravel, Brenda swings from blaming herself to fantasizing about killing him. But all along Brenda has an inkling that her journey is her doctoral dissertation from Universe U. And she wants to get an A.