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George Crain

Atonia fits with a classic cannon of travel narratives that includes Jack Kerouc's 'On the Road' and Ernest Hemingway's 'The Sun also Rises'. In vivid, visual prose, the story follows an anonymous artist in travels across London, Paris and western France where he encounters inexplicable visions of ghosts and nightly interviews Ernest Hemingway, who visits from beyond the grave.
Throughout, George Crain paints the current anomie of the West with unexpected color keyed to a feverish Van Gogh-like pitch. It's quite the colorful ride, one even Ernest Hemingway might have included in his library ... were he still alive.

The spirit of the book is equal parts philosophical and romantic, it places a special emphasis on the eye opening experience of travel. The tone is one of transformation, from gray disillusionment to bright and hopeful purpose.